Kicking off 2014 with 30 for 30


If you read my post recapping my 2013 goals, you know I love to categorize and make specific “self requests.” (Love that, Molly!) So here’s the list of 30 things that I want to happen in my 30th year. Let’s do this, 2014. 



  • Pick up 1-2 new freelance opportunities
  • Post to blog 2x/week+
  • Write at least one post that’s published on Medium
  • Make a conscious effort to keep complaints minimal
  • Get back in People 1/2 Size issue



  • Achieve and maintain at least four months’ of spending in savings
  • Increase 401K contribution to X%
  • Increase monthly student loan payments by X%
  • Increase earned:spend amount X% by EOY



  • Run another sub 2-hr half marathon
  • Do cross-training at least 1x/wk
  • Hold a 2-min plank to increase upper-body strength



  • Scale back on refined sugar. Swap one item w/refined sugar for something else each week
  • Lose and maintain X lbs
  • Continue to buy/make all-natural cleaning products
  • Take daily vitamins



  • Get involved with neighborhood association, park activities, etc.
  • Volunteer: BARCS, CFFMD
  • Make a conscious effort to do one kind thing each day
  • Take advantage of living in the city (visit sites, go to events, etc)
  • Try at least six new restaurants outside of Fed Hill



  • Revive the date night at least 1x/month
  • Find an excellent, moisturizing under-eye concealer
  • Start using more secure passwords
  • Read at least eight books
  • Plan an awesome joint 30th birthday vacation with Steve
  • Learn to cook three new dishes so that I’m not just known for my spaghetti
  • Learn to cook with three spices that I don’t normally use
  • Test at least one Pinterest pin per month; blog process and results
  • Buy based on quality, not based on sales/quantity

Do you have 2014 resolutions/goals/self requests?

GIFs from Hilarious GIFs, I Can Haz Cheezburger, and Buzzfeed

5 Replies to “Kicking off 2014 with 30 for 30”

  1. Thanks Renee! It sounded kinder and more helpful to me than goals/resolutions. Happy New Year! I hope to see you running the streets of Baltimore as we chase down our running goals 🙂

  2. Great goals! I want to be more healthy as well by being more active and taking vitamins. I love all the pics you used as well!

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