30 days to 31: Betting on accountability


I wrote about how I’m turning 31 and urged you to follow along and keep me accountable in my quest to get back in shape. You’re all great cheerleaders, but I needed someone to really kick my ass when I got off track.

Enter Kerry.


Kerry is my MyFitnessPal coach. I decided to fork over $50 for this monthly service so that someone would be watching over me and commenting on my daily noms/workouts.

I went to the gym and took sweet gym-chic selfies.

I checked off every day of my training plan!

Check, check, check!
Check, check, check!

I ate Kinderhook cookies and La Cakerie mini cupcakes but then I went swimming! (Whew, forgot how tough that workout is.)


I know that Kerry can’t come get me or publicly humiliate me if I don’t work out or log too many calories, but there’s something about her watching that keeps me in line. I only went over my daily calorie goals on 2 of the 7 days and I ended the week at 326 calories below my weekly goal.

I also rekindled a small flame with running; we’re back to talking and we’ll see how this goes.

On to Week 2 …

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